Prisk announces proposal to streamline regulations

Posted on 4 Feb 2011 by The Manufacturer

Business Minister Mark Prisk has outlined plans for simplifying and improving how regulators deal with businesses, following a six-month review of the Local Better Regulation Office.

The proposals mean that LBRO will be replaced by a new organisation that builds on the expertise of LBRO’s staff and continues the expansion of the Primary Authority scheme, but is part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The new organisation will work closely with local enterprise partnerships across the country to find the best way to tackle red-tape at a local level and share this knowledge. It will also promote the Primary Authority scheme, in order to improve consistency in regulatory enforcement, reduce bureaucracy and create the right conditions for economic growth.

This streamlined approach will also give a renewed focus on improving the way regulations impact at the front line. The new organisation will work closely with the Better Regulation Executive, the Regulatory Policy Committee and national regulators to ensure there is a more joined-up approach on regulation and enforcement from across Government.

Business minister Mark Prisk said: “The endless rules and regulations that pour out from Government has choked off enterprise and stifled economic growth for far too long. Businesses, local enterprise partnerships and regulators have to work together to tackle local bureaucracy and find a solution that works for everyone. This new organisation will be the driving force to make sure that happens.”

According to Prisk, this move would free businesses and help them to concentrate on strong local economic growth “that is not restrained by red tape”.

In order to retain the independence and technical expertise of LBRO, the new organisation will have special governance arrangements and a number of interested parts will be invited to form a steering group to improve accountability.