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Posted on 14 Sep 2018 by The Manufacturer

Munich-based industrial wearables company, ProGlove, has launched the next generation of what it describes as the ‘first smart glove for industry’.

New Index Trigger - image courtesy of ProGlove.
The Index Trigger includes several new features – image courtesy of ProGlove.

Over the past three years, ProGlove has grown from a small start-up to a market leader in the European industrial wearables market.

ProGlove launch product was the Mark One S: a smart glove that has a detachable scanning system on top that allows industrial workers to work and scan hands-free.

The smart gloves have a scanner attached to the top that allow workers to work hands-free, which reportedly saves worker four seconds per scan. When you scan 1,000 items in a shift, the time savings can quickly add up.

To date, you can find ProGlove’s ergonomic smart gloves being used in BMW plants across Europe, John Deere in the US, Bosch in Germany, and Faurecia Interior Systems in the UK.

The business is now aiming to strengthen its position with the release of its new ‘Index Trigger’.

The Index Trigger includes several new features. As well as being compatible with touchscreens, the new glove offers greater comfort, durability, and accuracy. Its edges are rounded off and the glove is made from softer material that will reportedly last up to four-times as long as the standard glove.

The button on the index finger also helps reduce false triggering.

CEO and co-founder, Thomas Kirchner explained: “No matter how automated working steps become, workers will still stay crucial to the industrial process. With ProGlove we enable the integration of the worker into a more automated industry.”

“Our customers have been asking us to develop the Index Trigger for a long time. When we got to product development, we listened very closely to our customers and, of course, the end-users. Our focus is on creating a better working experience for the worker.”

Companies can order the Index Trigger from 17 September through the ProGlove website.

ProGlove will also be offering live demonstrations of the Index Trigger at Europe’s largest digital manufacturing event: Smart Factory Expo. Visitors can find them in ‘Innovation Alley’.

Digital Manufacturing Week - The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo 2017 - image courtesy of The ManufacturerSmart Factory Exp 2018

14 – 15 November | Exhibition Center Liverpool 

Last year, the two-day event attracted more than 4,000 industrial decision-makers.

This year, we’re on track to host 6,000!

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