Quattro Foods’ £330,000 investment to create 20 new jobs

Posted on 9 Apr 2018 by Jonny Williamson

Manufacturing of foods for the wholesale and retail food industry, Quattro Foods, has expanded its business with the creation of 20 new jobs.

The Portsmouth-based company has expanded its business with the creation of 20 new jobs – image courtesy of Quattro Foods. .

The Portsmouth-established firm, which started life in 2010, boasts restaurant chains, start-ups and individual outlets as its client.

Now the supplier has expanded into a new unit at Oak Park Industrial Estate in Northarbour Road, which is expected to cost £330,000.

Reportedly, the expansion will see the creation of 20 new jobs, and the firm already has its main manufacturing site in Portfield Road in Copnor.

Quattro Foods managing director Sam Brower said: “This year has already been a hugely exciting one for Quattro Foods and we are delighted about the forthcoming expansion into Northarbour in early April.

“With the opportunity to fit out our new premises from scratch, we have been able to include state of the art equipment that will enable us to continue to grow the business further, as well as creating around 20 new jobs for local people.”

The firm also acts as a supplier for NHS Wales and the education sector. At the end of last year, the company identified Oak Park Industrial Estate as an opportunity, taking on a new 10-year lease on the 7,667 sqft unit.

The business already had a unit on the site but will now expand into the new unit tomorrow (10 April).

Tom Holloway, director at Holloway Iliffe & Mitchell, said: “We have secured several new tenants to Oak Park Industrial Estate over the last six months and their significant investment in upgrading the units has made a big difference to the local area.

“With diverse businesses such as Quattro Foods and Ecarlogical expanding their requirements, this area of Portsmouth is becoming increasingly popular.”

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