Land Rover releases only fourth new model in almost 50 years

Posted on 7 Mar 2017 by Fred Tongue

Land Rover has announced the release of 'Velar', which is only the company's fourth new model in almost 50 years and will be manufactured in Solihull.

The luxury SUV was fist created back in 1970, when Land Rover produced the original Range Rover. According to the maufacturer, the Velar will fill the gap between its popular Evoque and Sport models.

It has been confirmed that the new Velar model will be manufactured in Jaguar Land Rover’s Solihull plant, and is expected to go on sale globally in mid-July.

The new model was revealed at the London Design Museum in Kensington, and aims to help Jaguar Land Rover achieve its goal of of doubling production to create more than a million vehicles a year. The firm also wants to create three distinct SUV families: Range Rover, Discovery and Defender.

The chassis is made of lightweight titanium and also boasts two high-definition touch screens as part of the dashboard. The Velar has been designed and engineered at Jaguar Land Rover’s development centres at Whitley in Coventry and Gaydon in Warwickshire.

The Velar is named after an original prototype first conceived in the late-1960s.

Jeremy Hicks, Jaguar Land Rover UK, managing director explained: “The new Range Rover Velar is a stunning addition to the Range Rover family, it enhances a model line-up that originally defined the luxury SUV segment and continues to do so. Velar brings increased choice to new and existing customers in a growing SUV market. It leads the way in terms of design, usable technology, new materials and of course Land Rover’s legendary go anywhere, do anything capability.”

This is another marquee announcement for the UK automotive industry, which has seen a large rise in demand and output in the past few years and Jaguar Land Rover have been one of the standout success stories of the industry.