Renishaw looks to boost additive manufacturing jobs

Posted on 24 Sep 2014 by Callum Bentley

A substantial recruitment drive by global engineering firm Renishaw is set to create a variety of new jobs in the Stone and Staffordshire area, particularly within the additive manufacturing sector.

The varied roles range from machine operators, working with additive manufacturing technology, to technicians and engineers with a variety of specialist skills. The company is also looking for promising graduates, as well as qualified and experienced professionals.

The engineering specialist has almost doubled the amount of people it employs over the last five years and now has over 3500 staff globally, with 70 based in Stone.

Renishaw is a UK based global engineering company listed on the FTSE. Its additive manufacturing division recently made the headlines following collaboration with leading British bicycle design and manufacturing company, Empire Cycles, which resulted in the world’s first 3D printed metal bike frame.

The business supplies products for a wide variety of sectors including jet engine manufacture, wind turbine production, dentistry and even brain surgery. In all of these fields Renishaw specialises in solving tough engineering and scientific problems.

For more information, or to apply for a specific role please visit the website,

Across the whole of the UK, Renishaw has recruited 68 graduates this year – a record for the company – for which it now receives four times as many applications as it did in 2011. A further 150 opportunities each year are created for young people through a mix of apprenticeships and student placements.

This dedication to future development was rewarded with a recent visit from Prime Minister David Cameron.

As well as the additive manufacturing division located in Staffordshire, more than 70 immediate employment opportunities are also available at other UK locations including sites in Gloucestershire, Scotland and South Wales.

“Being able to give talented people the opportunity to gain relevant professional experience in a progressive company is an essential part of our business strategy,” explained Renishaw’s head of communications, Chris Pockett.

“Over the last few years we have strengthened our commitment to building relationships with schools and communities across the UK – helping to fund placements and recruit people who want to make a difference.”

Renishaw’s recruitment drive comes at a time that sees the West Midlands making impressive headway in reducing unemployment. The number of people out of work in the area fell by just over three per cent at the start of 2014, a faster pace than anywhere else in the UK.