Rewriting the rules of value chain mobility

Posted on 15 Nov 2017 by Jonny Williamson

During his keynote at The Manufacturer Leaders Conference today, James Petherbridge, executive partner at IBM, talked about a new way of defining the value chain and how to take advantage out of this process.

supply value chain - stock imagePetherbridge madw clear that many companies in the future are about to disappear, just because they either refuse to adopt new technologies, or they do not have a plan for a new value chain. This is a global phenomenon.

Therefore, it has become ever more important to think outside the box, take advantage of external ecosystems and to learn from partner external partners.

Petherbridge has been involved in major transformational programmes for both civil aerospace and the defence industry primes over the past 10 years developing competency in digital, analytics, ERP, PLM, HR, Supply Chain, CRM and programme management.

Experience at the leading edge of the shift to services in A&D has included extensive work in product development availability contracting, mergers & acqusitions and bid management.

One of the most important questions is, ‘how can our OEM’s in manufacturing collaborate better, improving the re-use and sharing of knowledge and data in terms of the supply chain’.

In his 20 minutes speech, Petherbridge noted that it is important to look beyond the national decisions. Although Brexit causes a great uncertainty, it is necessary to see how OEM’s can drive far greater supply chain visibility and parts tracking than they do.  And companies need to leverage the Blockchain visibility.

James Petherbridge was speaking at The Manufacturer Leaders Conference which is co-located with Smart Factory Expo and is taking place this week at Exhibition Centre Liverpool.

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