Rolkaz Hemp Skateboard needs a kick start to get up and rolling

Posted on 3 May 2017 by Aiden Burgess

A new natural hemp skateboard line is to be launched as a Kickstarter project today by cutting edge skate brand, Rolkaz Collective.

The Rolkaz Hemp Skateboard is a new and innovative way to make an old favourite, the latest innovation of an item that has stood the test of time as an icon of both transportation and extreme sports.

The hemp skateboards are produced in an innovative way; made solely of 100% natural hemp and flax fibres bound together with high performance plant based resin.

The new skateboard line offers a manufacturing process, which is sustainable in both design and manufacturing, due to Rolkaz Collective’s use of materials and processes that are industry-leading from an environmental perspective.

The benefits of growing hemp to make the skateboards rather than cutting down trees fits Rolkaz Collectives’ mantra of ‘Where Performance Meets Nature’. In addition, the company uses materials that are locally grown and processed in Europe.

Rolkaz Hemp Skateboard variations

The Rolkaz Hemp Series comes in two designs, Drifter and Mala. The Drifter is a 28 inch board which features mellow concave, kick on both ends, and a slightly wider shape which makes the board multi-functional.

The Mala is a 24 inch mini-cruiser which features a mellow concave and shorter wheelbase helping to make it ideal for carving, cruising and commuting.

The Rolkaz Hemp Series utilises a crop which provides a renewable, fast growing and recyclable material which is also one of the strongest natural fibres in existence.

In addition to hemp, flax fibres are also used to create the skateboards. The fibres twisted in yarn provide increased resistance to bending and hold the flex over time, with the addition of flax fibres increasing the damping properties for shock absorption and a smooth ride.

Flax fibres are an important element in constructing the hemp skateboards, as they have the highest specific stiffness of all natural fibres and add to the strength-to-weight ratio and natural aesthetic.

The fibres are bound together with high performance durable plant based resin derived from sustainable sources, with the raw materials for the plant based resin produced by green chemistry techniques employed in bio refineries.

To help get the Rolkaz Hemp Series up and running, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign that goes live today at 3pm CET. Click here to view the Kickstarter campaign.