Seatbelt pre-tensioner market strengthened by wider adoption

Posted on 2 Feb 2015 by Tim Brown

Seatbelt pre-tensioners are increasingly being adopted in low-cost and compact vehicles driving strong growth in the market according to a new report from Reportstack.

According to the report, a surge in automotive safety concerns among consumers from various economic classes has resulted in the need for enhanced safety features across all automotive segments.

The automotive seatbelt pre-tensioner market in the Americas is expected to post a CAGR of 9.06% during the forecast period of 2014-2019.

The pretensioner mechanism uses an explosive charge to drive a concealed piston when sensors detect the signature abrupt deceleration of an accident. The piston, in turn, rapidly drives the spool around which the fabric strap of a seatbelt is wrapped. That incredibly fast retraction of the belt fabric removes the slack from the belt instantly. This extra seatbelt pre-tension, moments prior to the full force of impact, pulls the bodies of the driver and front-seat passenger firmly into their seats. This positions them so as to receive the maximum protection benefit of the front airbags.

Currently, automotive manufacturers are focusing on improving passive safety systems, especially seatbelts and airbags as they reduce side crash impact. As passenger safety has become a prime concern for manufacturers of both automotive seatbelt pre-tensioners and automotives, various active and passive automotive safety systems are being actively used.

According to the report: ‘Currently, governments in various regions such as Europe, the Americas, and Australia are encouraging the use of advanced vehicle safety systems. Moreover, governments are taking initiatives to strengthen the safety standards through various organiaations such as the NHTSA, the European NCAP, ASEAN NCAP, and ANCAP.’

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