Support for UK autonomous vehicle development

Posted on 24 Jul 2015 by Victoria Fitzgerald

The advanced engineering company helping to bring the ‘LUTZ Pathfinder’ and ‘UK Autodrive’ projects to reality has welcomed the Government’s new commitment to driverless vehicles.

David Keene, chairman, RDM Group
David Keene, chairman, RDM Group.

David Keene, chief executive of RDM Group in Coventry, believes the £20m dedicated fund and ‘Code of Practice’ will give the UK the opportunity to lead the world in the successful roll-out of intelligent mobility and autonomous vehicles.

Keene said: “We have received a huge amount of global interest since we were part of the national launch in London and this latest announcement proves that, as a country, we are serious about doing more than just talking about this new technology.”

“We are weeks away from delivering three ‘LUTZ’ pods that will be tested on the pavements of Milton Keynes and, after that, the ‘UK Autodrive’ project will take this initial programme even further forward by expanding the trials throughout Milton Keynes and Coventry.

“So things are progressing well and we welcome the clear direction that will come from a ‘Code of Practice’ and a new policy unit that will be committed to understanding the technology and removing potential obstacles in its development.”

Catapault Pod morning
RDM’s ‘LUTZ’ pods.

“We also need to make sure that autonomous vehicle development involves the entire UK supply chain and small manufacturing specialists and technology companies like RDM Group.

“There is so much design and technical innovation present in the UK that can accelerate this journey and, if we get this right, the benefits for industry and the economy as a whole are huge.”