Testing begins on BAE Systems Artisan radar

Posted on 10 Sep 2013 by The Manufacturer

A new 3D radar capable of cutting through interference equal to 10,000 mobile phone signals, has commenced integration trials at a secret electromagnetic radar testing facility on the Isle of Wight.

The testing of the Artisan 3D radar, built by BAE Systems, is in advance of installation on the new Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers (QEC), assembled in Rosyth, Scotland.

The Artisan trials will test a series of integrated systems which include the provision of 3D air surveillance, target identification and air traffic management services for the ships.

It will provide air traffic control and medium range tactical picture capability, with new features such as tracking more than 900 targets at one time and has the ability to spot objects as small as a tennis ball travelling up to three times the speed of sound.

Les Gregory, product and training services director at BAE Systems said the project is producing excellent results.

“I am delighted that the ARTISAN 3D Radar is producing excellent results as predicted for the QEC, it is an exciting milestone not only in the development of BAE Systems radar programme but for the future of Royal Navy warships,” he said.

The medium-range radar system has a reach of up to 200km and completed its factory testing in December 2012.

It was installed at the Aircraft Carrier Alliance Electromagnetic Environment Assessment facility at BAE Systems, Cowes, earlier this year.