The 5 elements of good project management

Posted on 3 Feb 2017 by Tim Brown

Every business owner and professional needs to master project management skills. Project management is one of the most important traits to have simply because business operations are often divided into smaller projects to make them easier to manage and control.

According to the online MSMPP program of Brandeis University, there are 5 important elements that must exist in a good project management cycle. Initiating and planning are the first two; after the decision to start the project is made, a good project manager must be able to plan each part of the project down to the last detail.

Executing is the next part; this is where the project gets done. Team members will follow the set plans in order to achieve desired results. It is also necessary to monitor and evaluate the project as it is being completed. Once the goals are reached, the project can be closed and the cycle can be restarted.

You can learn more about project management as a whole from The Many Tasks of an Efficient Project Manager infographic by Brandeis University.

The Many Tasks of an Efficient Project Manager

Brandeis University M.S. in Project and Program Management Online