The benefits of a good electrical maintenance regime

Posted on 20 Nov 2015 by The Manufacturer

A robust electrical maintenance regime can improve equipment performance as well as reduce accidents and give you confidence in the safety of your equipment.

The IET’ Standard's Guide to Electrical MaintenanceGood practice electrical maintenance helps to keep equipment working in a safe and efficient manner.

Good maintenance regimes do not happen by accident; they need careful planning, proactive management and comprehensive reporting.

The tone for good maintenance is also established beforehand by considerate design, intelligent construction and satisfactory commissioning.

The IET’s Guide to Electrical Maintenance explores the background to good maintenance regimes and provides guidance on each stage of the maintenance process.  It also provides references to the legislative background to demonstrate the necessity of maintenance.

Robust maintenance processes start at the design stage for any electrical installation. The book provides concepts and ideas for asking key questions when new projects are formulated. This ensures that the maintenance perspective is at the forefront of any new building services electrical design.

The benefits and consequences of maintenance are clearly laid out with processes explored for each stage. This includes approaches to help ensure that a system is safely isolated, properly tested and correctly returned to service.

IET Standards works with industry-leading bodies and experts to publish a range of codes of practice and guidance materials for professional engineers, using its expertise to achieve consensus on best practice in both emerging and established technology fields.

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The guide demonstrates how various maintenance strategies are defined and developed, through to the evaluation and auditing of the maintenance process. Other topics included are health and safety risks, operational risks and safe systems of work.

The information is aimed at electrical technicians, maintenance managers and also at office-based design staff. A number of documents are cross referenced to aid further research by the reader.

A good maintenance regime has its part to play in a more sustainable world where correctly maintained electrical systems keep operating at their maximum energy efficiency and are disposed of correctly at the end of their lifecycle.

This guide seeks to demonstrate an approach that encourages the reader to look beyond the individual task and assess the bigger picture.

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