The Manufacturer announces Hunter Ltd as Official Talent Partners for Digital Manufacturing Week

Posted on 13 Nov 2019 by The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer is building on its commitment to supporting UK businesses plug the skills and talent gap by joining forces with Trust Hunter Ltd (Hunter) to develop and deliver talent solutions to the UK manufacturing industry.

Recruitment skills and training employee engagement - image courtesy of Depositphotos.The origins of the relationship are founded in a shared desire to tackle one of the greatest challenges facing UK industry – talent acquisition, especially within STEM industries, compounded by well-documented candidate shortages.

For employers, that means enduring elongated recruitment campaigns and extended time to hire, leading to project slippages and slowing development.

Hunter is a low-cost talent partner created with these factors in mind – to help manufacturers solve their manpower needs using the latest technologies and techniques, including: creative writing; search engine optimisation; artificial intelligence; machine learning; chatbots, and social messaging.

This joint venture was launched today (13 Nov) in Liverpool at The Manufacturer’s showpiece event – Digital Manufacturing Week 2019.

Hunter is exhibiting at Smart Factory Expo (Stand E70) and running a number of roundtable discussions within the co-located Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit and Manufacturing People & Skills Summit.

Grace Gilling, managing director of Hennik, Group – publisher of The Manufacturer commented: “While the challenges around skills shortages and talent development are well documented, there is still tremendous potential to develop the capability of the industry’s workforce.

Stock - 4ir skills employee engagement recruitment workforce staff employee - front office and back office.“What makes this partnership different is that we’ll be sharing insights from our manufacturing stakeholders to support Hunter’s talent development solutions, while Hunter will provide insights and information about the skills market that will be invaluable for our community.

“It’s about helping individuals and companies get ready for the exciting future of advance manufacturing.”

John Morris, chairman of Hunter, says “This joint venture is a perfect partnership as it will connect UK manufacturing businesses with the right talent, to improve efficiency, sustainability and help drive profitability.

“One topic that continually arises is that of available talent and this is where Hunter excels. We help customers position themselves to attract the best talent to their business.”

Hunter gives access to both active and passive job seekers through advertising and targeted email campaigns to an internal network of over five million UK-based professionals. In addition, all applicants can be tracked and managed through an intuitive online recruitment management system.

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*Image courtesy of Depositphotos.