The Manufacturer Podcast: Sustainability Series, Episode 2

Posted on 28 Jan 2022 by Tom St John

The Manufacturer Podcast returns for another episode focussing on the series theme of sustainability. Listen to what Multimedia Editor, Tom St John, Editor, Joe Bush and Reporter Lanna Deamer have to say about the best stories of the week

Alright there, listener? Sorry we’ve been away for a few weeks. We certainly hope you had a top Christmas and an epic New Year. Now that we’re less hampered by Covid, we’ve been able to bring you episode 2 of our Sustainability Series.

Hear about our attempts at a more sustainable Christmas – from diligent recycling of mounds of wine bottles, to the frankly disgusting choice of eating nut loaf (or nut roast – whatever hellish thing you call it).

Find out what’s good in the recently available January/February edition of The Manufacturer Magazine. And see what we made of two sustainability themed features from this issue; A United Arab Emirates based company shouting loudly about the wonders of low carbon aluminium, and a manufacturer trying to turn the tide of wasteful, expensive and environmentally catastrophic silicon chip production.

There’s all that to look forward to in today’s episode. 

Some highlights

Salman Abdullah, Executive Vice President at EGA discussed the role of low and no carbon aluminium in supply chains, in its uses and in its effect on end products. Is it truly “the metal of the future?” Is it attainable to all manufacturers? And why is the environment, social and governance (ESG) aspects of low carbon metal supplying businesses so important to consider?

Key quotes from Salman: 

“If we do our sorting properly, the aluminium which we are producing today will be our competition in 20, 30, 40 years time.”

“Manufacturing organisations should be sourcing low carbon metal from companies who give a lot of due diligence to all the environment, social and governance (ESG) perspectives of the business”

“When it comes to our own material, the CelestiAL aluminium, it helped BMW reduce almost 200,000 tonnes of CO2 from its end product.”

Ken Williamson, COO of PragmatIC Semiconductor, a manufacturer of ultra-thin, flexible and low-cost integrated circuits explains how his company’s alternative approach to manufacturing is very much bucking a trend of a traditionally wasteful and extremely energy intensive process. Are we, the greedy consumers, partly responsible for driving this environmentally harmful process through our voracious appetite for new tech?

Key quotes from Ken:

“We have a society of waste where people throw their phone away every even though there’s nothing wrong with it”

“The last UK semiconductor factory that I worked in consumed 20MW continuously running, and 220 cubic metres of water per hour”

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