The winning formula

Posted on 19 Jul 2010 by The Manufacturer

The winners of the IMechE Formula Student competition 2010 have been announced. The top prize goes to Germany's team from The Technical University, Munich.

At the awards ceremony for the Institute for Mechnical Engineer’s Student Formula competition 2010 international accolades went to the world’s leading engineering universities.

The ceremony was held last night at Silverstone racetrack and the outstanding team from Munich’s specialist engineering university raced to victory with their engineering innovation after four days of intensive scrutineering and performance testing. The highest ranking university team from the UK was the University of Hertfordshire who ranked fifth in the Class 1 overall results.

Speaking before the results were announced Bob Bell, MD of Renault Formula 1 and a supporter of the Formula Student competition said, “I have been extremely impressed by this event overall. The commitment and support from all the people who have organised the event, many of whom are volunteers, demonstrates a remarkable dedication to the industry and its future.

“Of course on the student front the commitment has been incredible too. They have enough on their plates just studying for their normal academic courses and to elect to give their spare time to these team projects is really commendable. However, they are taking part with obvious relish and enjoyment and that is fantastic.

“It can be difficult for universities to support hands-on experience of manufacturing and get students to put their engineering theory into practice, because that’s when things start to get expensive. That’s why it is so great to see events like Formula Student giving students the chance to produce and operate their own racing cars. This kind of applied learning is pretty unique in the world of education – you don’t see it being replicated in the arts or pure sciences or any of the academic subjects to the same extent. Students of engineering and motorsports are incredibly lucky to have this competition.”

Aside from the main prize other notable accolades went to the Swiss team from ETH Zurich for the best green car, to Canadian representatives from Ryerson University for the best cost modelling in Class 1 and to German students from DHBW Ravensburg University for the best design.