Top 10 marketing ideas for manufacturing companies

Posted on 10 Sep 2020 by The Manufacturer PR Service

Utilising marketing techniques is essential if you wish to expand your brand.

Luckily, the internet has meant we have many more ways of reaching people than ever before! In this post we provide our top 10 marketing ideas for manufacturing companies that can help expand your manufacturing business.

1. Advertising and content

A technique that is as old as business itself, advertising ensures your product name is seen and heard by people who otherwise may not have known you existed. The invention of the internet means there are many more ways to advertise to would-be consumers. Whether it’s website, TV, Search, Print, Social, YouTube, or any number of other options, advertising can be a highly valuable way to generate leads. And these days all mediums (video, sound, images and text) are all readily available to help you get your message across.

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2. Update your website and digital marketing

Despite the importance of online marketing, many manufacturers are still behind the 8-ball when it comes to their digital presence. A fresh web design, improving your Google business listing, and working on your SEO can deliver huge dividends and almost immediate ROI in terms of new business. The Manufacturer and our partners, including industry web design agency, Intergage, can assist you to make a real digital impact. If you want some advice or assistance, please feel free to Contact Us

3. Press release publication

If you are a business with a new product or event coming up that you wish to tell people about, then press release publication could be the way to go as a marketing idea for your manufacturing company. Press releases ensure you can include the relevant information you wish to be included in a media publication, while structuring it in a simplified way for journalists to access. Publications for press releases such as The Manufacturer PR Service streamline that service, allowing for journalists to browse for submitted content that appeals to them, rather than sifting through their emails for news.

4. Event sponsorship

Sponsoring an industry-relevant event can help to boost brand recognition and consumer trust. Once you find a selection of possible events, reach out to them asking if they’re looking for sponsors and negotiate a deal that is beneficial for both parties. The Manufacturer runs a multitude of industry events throughout the year including: Digital Manufacturing WeekSmart Factory Expo; and many more.

Events are also not just held in person. Webinars are now a common marketing tool that can generate a substantial number of leads while also imparting important information to your potential client base. Check out the latest webinars from The Manufacturer.

5. Enter your business into an award competition

If you can’t find an event that is suitable for your business to sponsor, why not create your own? Creating a business award competition can be a great way to increase brand recognition for your company, while celebrating other thought leaders within your industry. It can also be a fantastic way to network within the community! The largest manufacturing-specific awards is The Manufacturer MX Awards, which are held each year in November.

6. Business cards

While digital advertising, events, and social media is often the preferred means of advertisement these days, don’t overlook the humble business card! Having a physical token to be able to hand out to potential clients when networking is a valuable asset, as people may keep it in their wallet and see it more often than an email sent once. Printing companies often offer deals for bulk orders of business cards, and have templates available which make the design process much more streamline than in the past.

7. Create instructional videos

With the recent popularity of video upload sites like YouTube, some companies have begun creating instructional videos to explain their products and services. These can be hosted directly on your company’s website, or externally on a site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Don’t shy away from this platform if you feel you don’t have the technical skills! Video creation sites such as Shakr can be utilised to create videos from already-made templates, or the work can be outsourced through a platform such as Airtasker or Fiverr.

8. Infographics

Infographics can be a fantastic way to get information to customers and would-be customers! Interesting drawings, bright complimentary colours and clear text help draw a reader’s attention to your information. Studies have shown that our brains process images quicker than text, and in the social media age, people are more inclined to share infographics than plain text articles.

9. Share product samples with possible clients

Whether you provide a service or a physical product, it can be worth giving a taste-test of sample products to customers before they commit to a purchase. This acts to increase trust with the client, boost customer satisfaction, and show confidence in your product.

10. Publish social media posts at the best times

Researching when your target audience have the highest rate of social media use during the day, and planning posts accordingly can assist in boosting engagement and brand recognition. Sites like Facebook have analytics available to show when your audience are online the most, and posts can be scheduled accordingly.

Lastly, tailor your message

Quite possibly the most important point on this list, tailoring to your audience ensures you are targeting people who are most likely to be interested in purchasing your product or service. Knowing your demographics, the social media platforms and websites they utilise, and their general interests can help you create content that is most suited to their wants and needs.

One of the best ways to properly tailor to your audience needs is to make sure to properly manage their data. If you implement a CRM system, you can control all your audience and client info and make sure to communicate the most relevant information to your audience and potential clients.


Don’t forget that when thinking about marketing ideas for manufacturing, it helps to talk to the experts. The Manufacturer has been helping market to manufacturers as well as helping manufacturers market for almost 20 years. If you want some advice or assistance, please feel free to Contact Us.