Top 5 posts on the AABTLN this month – March 2016

Posted on 21 Mar 2016 by Tim Brown

AABTLN - Automation Advisory Board Thought Leadership Network

Each month The Manufacturer will select a number of posts from the Automation Advisory Board Thought Leadership Network (AABTLN) to showcase a snapshot of the information being shared on our online automation network.

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1. Jonny Williamson’s post: Coverage of the AABTLN Automate UK conference, which took place on 2 March, 2016, in Birmingham.

1. AABTLN post coverage of AABTLN conference March 2016

2. Tim Brown’s post: Highlighting the Machinery Technical Seminar taking place on March 22 at Power Panels Electric Systems in the West Midlands.

2. AABTLN post Tim Brown Machinery Technical Seminar March 2016

3. Anthony Moran’s post: Regarding the sale of Astec Projects to Schaenburge International Group.

3. AABTLN post Astech Projects sale

4. Jonny Williamson’s post: Linking to The Manufacturer’s 60 second interview with Steve Brambley,  deputy director of GAMBICA

4. AABTLN post Jonny Williamson Steve Brambley feature

5. Joseph Walker’s post: Looking at the history of Automation.

5. AABTLN post Joseph Walker and the history of Automation