TSB in China: Day 3

Posted on 27 Sep 2013 by The Manufacturer

Perry Freeman of C-Tech Innovation, part of the UK's TSB delegation currently in China, writes about his experience in the region of Guangzhou and the country's embracing of bio-technology.

The Great British Pitch-Off

Perry Freeman of C-Tech Innovation.

When I was asked to attend the Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Mission to China on behalf of C-Tech Innovation, I couldn’t imagine how different China was going to be to what I had anticipated. With two days already complete, I have had a number of opportunities to showcase C-Tech’s capabilities on a global stage. My presentations have been delivered with precision, on time and straight to the point.

The third and final day in Southern China has been a little different, as it was geared towards 1:1 meetings. I entered with much optimism and armed with numerous business cards, I was on the hunt for interesting partners.

Providing one-to-one bespoke  research, C-Tech Innovation design, build and supply a range of products and process technologies for the agrifood, advanced manufacturing, energy storage, and materials recovery and recycling sectors. Over the past two days I have enjoyed several good quality leads however today didn’t seem to measure up.

My interpreter Doris worked hard to mediate discussions and keep spirits up and suddenly I had a breakthrough. A company comes across as serious about using our technology to develop a new type of coating machine. The 10 minute meeting goes well and we agree to talk further after the event.

What has been clear to me is that the region of Guangzhou is centred on seeking greener approaches to manufacturing. As one of leading manufacturing hubs in the country, Guangzhou is a key focus of China’s 12th Five Year Plan.

By 2015 the Guangdong province within which Guangzhou is the capital, new industries such as new-energy cars, bio-technology and energy conservation, will reach RMB 2.5trillion in industrial output, accounting for 10 per cent of the region’s GDP. To be part of this growth would consolidate the fact that opportunities are available and ripe for UK organisations to collaborate on and discover new technology that could change people’s lives.

With that in mind, the Mission participants leave the day feeling energised and ready to celebrate the day’s success despite an early flight to Shanghai the next day. Shanghai will be the final stop before we head home and promises to offer more opportunities for success.