UK car supplier tools up its factory with equipment worth £3.1m

Posted on 28 Mar 2018 by Jonny Williamson

UK thermoplastic components manufacturer, Linecross, has expanded and tooled up its factory with new equipment worth more than £3.1m at its two sites in the English Midlands.

The UK car supplier has expanded and tooled up its factory with new equipment worth more than £3.1m – image courtesy of Linecross.

As reported, the company has bought three new vacuum forming machines, which include twin sheet forming capabilities.

Further equipment is including two new injection moulding machines with clamp forces of 2300 and 900 tonnes, providing the ability to mould large automotive interior parts.

Linecross supplies fellow Midlands manufacturers Bentley, Aston Martin and JCB, challenging traditional methods of manufacturing vacuum-formed thermoplastic, polyurethane and injection moulded components.

As well as the high-end car makers, moulded components are sent to London Taxis and caravan manufacturers Swift Group and Coachman.

Efficiency and productivity improvements have also been aided with new robotic handling systems and an ultrasonic welding robot to support assembly operations.

David Austin, Chairman of Linecross, said: “Conventional thermo-forming has moved on greatly. These days the industry is about more than just stand-alone parts. We are now supplying assembled modules and using a variety of different processes at the same time.”

“We have been at the forefront of advancements in the industry for 50 years and have established a culture of collaborative partnerships with our customers and other industry specialists, which has enabled us to support many iconic, global brands.

“We have a bright, dedicated team in place who are committed to remaining at the forefront of new plastic and composite materials and technology.”

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