UK food and drink sector cuts 34 million wheelie bins of waste

Posted on 12 Dec 2012

Food and drink companies in the UK have adopted environmentally-friendly changes that have saved over 34 million wheelie bins' worth of supply chain food and packaging waste in the last five years.

Members of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), such as Coca-Cola Great Britain, Cadbury and AB World Foods, which owns Kingsmill and cereals company Jordans, have removed the equivalent annual emissions of 168,000 new cars on the road during this period due to manufacturing and packaging improvements.

Less material is used in the making of packaging and more recycled by the consumer, averting the emissions equivalent to heating over 80,000 homes.

With the possibility of food and drink products having carbon footprint labels in the future, members of the trade organisation are managing supply chain risks as part of an integrated approach to sustainable sourcing.

“There’s a really exciting opportunity to rethink the way our food production works from farm to fork,” said Environment Secretary Owen Paterson. “I’m right behind the food and drink industry as it uses technology and innovation to increase production while improving the environment.”