UK manufacturing shows Brexit bounce back

Posted on 28 Feb 2017 by The Manufacturer

The Brexit effect does not appear to be hampering UK manufacturing as was initially feared. In fact according to the latest Business Trends Report by accountants and business advisers BDO, manufacturing confidence has reached a 20-month high.

Furthermore, while currency depreciation is causing margins to be cut, the situation is also making British exports more price competitive.

NES Global Talent is a leading global recruitment specialist that focuses on providing skilled resources to the manufacturing arena and witnessed uplift in demand across its disciplines throughout 2016, with activity hitting a two and a half year high.

There was a continued emphasis on manufacturing that links to all the major road and infrastructure projects, as well as the major process industry new builds such as Hinkley Point C in the UK and in the food sector there was a steady spend as usual with existing production plants, but not many new major capital investments.

Predictions for UK manufacturing 2017

UK manufacturing is undergoing one of its most significant periods of disruption as businesses continue to get to grips with the changes brought about by new technologies. For the sector to continue to thrive business leaders need to invest in automation technologies and take that leap into digital to ensure key business processes remain competitive in an increasingly competitive and advanced market.

But from what we’ve seen working with clients from across the manufacturing sector 2017, is set to be a year of landmarks for manufacturers.  All sectors are expected to get busier and improve this year:

  • Money will be spent on safety and upgrading chemical plants, while Hinkley Point C will help the nuclear sector, driving big improvements in the next 12 months.
  • 3D printing will become widespread across more industries than ever before – including the automotive, energy, and oil & gas.
  • Machine intelligence and learning will also reduce batch errors to almost zero, which will lead to a reduction in the global cost of production.
  • Augmented reality (AR) will see increased adoption giving engineers more useful and convenient data in their day-to-day jobs, saving them time and increasing their productivity.

The government’s support around training, regulation and taxes and of course any funding initiatives will be crucial in ensuring UK manufacturing stays one step ahead, with the stability of the global economy also playing a  part in overall success.

NES will certainly do all it can to support UK manufacturing this year, and are proud to have supported The Manufacturer Live events for the past two years, showcasing the most inspiring innovations and individuals in the manufacturing sector. If you’re involved in UK manufacturing and are looking for a recruitment partner who shares your passion for the sector then look no further than NES Global Talent.