US firm Afton Chemical opens $100m plant in Singapore

Posted on 18 May 2016 by Tim Brown

Virginia-based, Afton Chemical, has expanded its global supply network with the addition of a new $100m chemical additive manufacturing facility on Jurong Island, Singapore.

Construction on the new Afton Chemical plant first began in June 2014 with the plant officially opening on Tuesday evening (May 17).

The facility will now commence production of key components that are used in Afton Chemical Corporation’s engine oil additives to meet rising regional and global demand.

“Today’s opening marks the end of a significant development and construction process at our new, fully owned facility, which began back in 2014,” said Rob Shama, President, Afton Chemical Corporation. “More importantly, it marks the start of a new chapter where we are able to better secure the supply of key components for our customers to be able to meet their future growth aspirations.”

The opening of the plant represents a new phase of Afton Chemical Corporation’s ongoing expansion into Asia Pacific, and is central to the company’s plans to ensure that its specialist additive products are ‘Made in Asia for Asia’. The company’s “Made in Asia” strategy is aimed at ensuring it has the right supply footprint to meet its customer’s needs.

The organization already manages a number of other facilities across the region, including Technology Centers, in Suzhou, China and in Tsukuba Japan. It’s “Made for Asia” strategy ensures that the products and services it offers are developed on the basis of regional insights.

“This new production facility serves as a real vote of confidence in Singapore, a country with a robust infrastructure and a well-established position as a petro-chemicals and supply hub. This plant will further strengthen our global supply network, and help us and our customers to capitalize on the continuing migration of upstream capacities into the region,” said Teddy Gottwald, President and CEO of NewMarket Corporation, the parent company of Afton Chemical Corporation.

The plant also has full capability to produce all of the company’s engine oil additives needed for Asia region and is scalable to allow Afton Chemical Corporation to grow as demand warrants. In the longer term, additional units, such as specialty dispersants, may be added to produce other petroleum additive products in line with market and customer needs.