Warehouse workers to vote over individual bonus system

Posted on 12 Mar 2012

Peugeot workers at the car maker’s parts division in Coventry will vote to decide whether to strike over performance related pay, the Unite union said. 

Over 170 people work at the Tile Hill warehouse. Peugeout said the union had initially advised its members to vote in favour of an offer for a 4% basic pay increase, but workers rejected it as the deal would make the 2013 offer dependent on individual performance, introducing a system of individual bonuses.

If employees decided to strike, Peugeout would be likely to face disruption in the supply of components.

Roger Maddison, Unite national officer for the automotive industry, said: “Performance-related pay is subjective and open to abuse, which can allow bosses to reward staff for the wrong reasons. In our experience, performance-related pay is not about rewarding workers fairly, it is often used as a way to keep the pay bill down, unless you’re a city banker.”

Peugeot assured staff that the offer would be jointly agreed upon by both the firm and union, and that any bonus element would only represent a small proportion of the overall pay offer.