What are the benefits of Connected Manufacturing?

Posted on 21 Mar 2017 by The Manufacturer

HPE sets out the potential impact of Connected Manufacturing in the UK.

At an event at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry a crowd of delegates and speakers explored what the digital revolution is going to have on British manufacturing. Martin Rainer, VP Enterprise Services, Manufacturing, HPE summarises the next steps to adopt Connected Manufacturing.

The two things that Rainer believes will be the two defining factors in Connected Manufacturing is the customer and data, in particular the way that data can be used to “drive efficiency and competitiveness around the core product, as well as exploring data to discover the next layer of value to wrap around the core product.”

Rainer went on to explain that, “Manufacturing businesses can gain significant benefits from improving the using of data available to them to better understand their customers, accelerate speed to market and drive cost out. Data-driven organizations drive superior business outcome and harnessing data – regardless of its source and scale – can empower a company.”

Connected Manufacturing offers manufacturers the opportunity to better understand how their product is used by customers and allows them to create better products and have a better knowledge of what their customers want.

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