What are you doing to close the skills gap?

Posted on 21 Sep 2015 by The Manufacturer

On 15-16 October, The Manufacturer's National Skills Conference - in partnership with the MTC - will put UK manufacturing's skills gap under the spotlight.

With the UK manufacturing sector reportedly 30% less productive than its rivals, combined with an average employee age of 54 and a severe lack of women working in industry; the importance of addressing the nation’s skills gap is increasing.

The Manufacturer has researched and developed the National Skills Conference in partnership with the MTC.

Employers need to innovate, reimagine and transform their human capital management practices in order to tackle the needs of the changing workforce.

Long gone are the days of clocking in and out with low-skilled workers doing long shifts in poor conditions. Fast forward to today where workers are demanding more flexibility and greater challenges in their quest for job satisfaction.

Addressing this requires manufacturers, policy makers and educators to bring their insights to the forefront. Workforce flexibility, motivation and the manufacturing stigma are just a number of key areas to focus on in order to retain and develop high performing employees.

To identify methods of resolving the skills gap, The Manufacturer has researched and developed the National Skills Conference in partnership with the MTC.

Providing a platform for discussion, the two-day conference will explore skills development, apprenticeships and multi-skill training in a think-tank with key decision makers.

With an interactive mix of workshops; panel debates; ideas exchange; case studies, and networking opportunities, attendees will be equipped with the right insight and knowledge to help close the skills gap.

The conference programme will help you:

  • Explore how succession planning and fast track talent plans can encourage a more balanced and equal workforce within your company
  • Gain a better understanding of workforce flexibility and how flexible work schemes could increase your businesses productivity and performance
  • Learn from small and large companies alike about the challenges faced when introducing workforce flexibility to employees in order to minimise fall-backs within your own company
  • Understand how to make an apprenticeship scheme work for your business
  • Identify ways to align your business with new government policy

With early booking discounts still available, attend the National Skills Conference on 15-16 October and discover what you can do to close the skills gap.