William Grant donates £185k to Scottish independence opposition

Posted on 9 Jul 2014 by The Manufacturer

William Grant & Sons has thrown its weight behind the campaign groups opposed to Scottish independence, and have donated a total of £185,000.

The independent, family-owned Lanarkshire based distiller, William Grant & Sons have funded three separate campaigns supporting “no” to Scottish independence. The Labour and Conservative backed organisation, Better Together, has received £135,000. While two smaller groups, Angus MacDonald and the No Borders Campaign, have been donated £25,000 each.

The economy is widely regarded as the key campaign battlefield in the build up to the referendum which takes place on September 18, and many companies such as William Grant & Sons believe that the costs of independence would be very high for businesses.

A spokesperson for William Grant & Sons, which distils Glenfiddich whisky, Grants whisky and Hendrick’s gin confirmed with Just Drinks that these donations had been made.

“We support the stance of the [Scotch Whisky Association] over independence and would refer you to their recent statement that the Scotch whisky industry enjoys substantial support from the UK government and its worldwide embassy network and from lack of trade barriers from within the EU.

“The [Scotch Whisky Association] believes that the risk of losing this could severely damage our industry.”

A Better Together spokesperson said: “We are delighted to have received this support. More and more companies, individuals and families are saying ‘no thanks’ to separation.”

The pro-independence movement have argued that Scottish independence would be beneficial for the Scotch whisky industry.

It also stated the largest problem for the Scotch industry would be an in/out referendum on the UK’s position in the EU.