World’s fastest motorcycles to feature at Bonneville in August

Posted on 20 Jun 2014 by Tim Brown

The world's fastest motorcycles, including the Triumph Castrol Rocket, will compete for their respective places in history in the AMA Utah this upcoming August 23-28.

The six-day Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials event clocks multiple provisional record-setting runs in classes ranging from 50cc mini-bikes to 3,000cc purpose-built, top-speed machines.

“The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, also known as the AMA Land Speed Grand Championships, is one of the most unique competition events that we sanction,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant.

“Land-speed racing, and this event in particular, attracts an incredible diversity of motorcycles and racers,” he added.” Every year the competition gets even more fierce, and we expect 2014 to be one of the most challenging ever.”

A number of high-profile, speed-record attempts are expected for this year’s event. One of the most anticipated involves the Castrol Rocket, a 1,000cc motorcycle with the potential to capture the prestigious land-speed record.

Backed by Castrol and Triumph, the Hot Rod Conspiracy/Carpenter Racing Castrol Rocket will have former Daytona 200 winner Jason DiSalvo at the helm. DiSalvo hopes to break the current record of 376.363 mph, set by rider Rocky Robinson and builder Mike Akatiff in 2010.

“The outright land-speed record is one of motorcycle competition’s great triumphs,” said Saillant. “It is an enormous undertaking to compete for titles that push the frontiers of human achievement, and the investment, practice and teamwork that goes into just a few seconds of time at speed on the track is both mind-boggling and awe-inspiring.”

This year will see new event promoter Delvene Manning taking over. Former daughter-in-law of long-time event promoter and AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Denis Manning, Delvene Manning said she’s looking forward to taking the reins of the event at a time when the sport’s popularity is growing.