Learning to lean

Lean Management Journal editor Victoria Fitzgerald reflects on some of the recent articles featured in the journal to emphasise the possible impact of lean methodology and culture.

Spigots cost effectively!

An automation solution based on the Omron SCARA robot
Posted on 1 Apr 2014 by Tim Brown

When it needed to automate the assembly of a moulded plastic spigot, a leading Automotive parts manufacturer asked industrial automation expert ALPHR Technology to devise a solution that would be cost effective, compact, reliable and easy to maintain.

An integrated approach to robotics and automation

To create a successful robotic cell, all key components including vision, motion and logic, should reside on one integrated platform, such as Omron's Sysmac platform.
Posted on 14 Mar 2014 by Tim Brown

With a growing background debate concerning growth in our manufacturing sector, and the wider topic of whether the UK adopts automation and robotics in line with our global competitors, it seems a good time to address some of the issues that might be making machine builders nervous about using robotics.

Adding to its success

Mike Adams, CEO at additive manufacturing firm HiETA Technologies

The world of additive manufacturing - or 3D printing – seems to be coming whether manufacturers embrace it or not. How they choose to embrace it, however, will determine exactly how influential this technology can be. Mike Adams, CEO at additive manufacturing firm HiETA Technologies explains.

Understanding accidents

Limousine and hearse manufacturer fined £23k
Posted on 17 Feb 2014 by Tim Brown

With so much focus on health and safety at work, most people would be forgiven for believing that workplace injuries and fatalities should now be a rare phenomenon.

7 Principles of Lean Supplies

Posted on 12 Feb 2014 by Tim Brown

While many leading manufacturers have been practising Lean for years, there are still gains to be made – especially in overlooked areas like industrial supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).