Renishaw: The measure of success

Additive Manufacturing assembly area at Miskin - image courtesy of Renishaw
It may enjoy a global reputation for precision metrology and process control, but more than anything, Renishaw represents innovation and technological advancement. Jonny Williamson headed to South Wales to pay the engineering powerhouse a visit.

The Manufacturer Top 500 Hall of Fame

The Manufacturer Top 100 2017 publication
This year, we celebrate five years of The Manufacturer Top 100, the annual programme that honours the individuals who help make UK manufacturing such an inspiring and resourceful sector. It has become a cornerstone of activities that celebrate the very best among us.

Does bad management lie behind the UK productivity puzzle?

Bad Management - UK Productivity Puzzle - View of a Businessman holding a Financial arrow going up and explosing at the end - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
Posted on 3 Aug 2018 by Nick Peters
The answer to the UK’s productivity puzzle is routinely cited as adoption of new digital technologies. It is a drum we bang all the time at The Manufacturer, but in so doing, are we ignoring a key issue that underpins business success, namely the quality of management in UK manufacturing companies?

What’s the secret to competitive advantage?

Business growth ideas innovation competitive advantage market share - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
There are numerous ways that manufacturers are creating growth: innovation, technology, employee engagement, value-add services, information, continuous improvement. But, which approach is creating the best returns, and which are still causing headaches for industrial managers?