Duty bound

The staggered implementation of the Companies Act 2006 is due to reach its conclusion in October this year. Alan Wood examines just how radical the legislators have been and what the new law means for manufacturing company directors

Tales of meltdown

British manufacturers are scaling back production to an extent unseen since December 1998, states the latest CIPS report. But it is not all gloom on the ground. Colin Chinery reports

A drain on resources

Water may be an overlooked resource, but we can no longer afford to let so much money go down the drain. Debbie Giggle looks at some innovative ways of recovering and recycling waste water, and how some companies even harness it to generate power

The information mine

With investment in business intelligence software set to grow across the manufacturing sector, Malcolm Wheatley finds out how companies can harness the full business benefits of their investment

Changing the tune

Implementing change is one thing – getting it to work and then establish it as part of the company culture is something else again. Ruari McCallion finds out how to make sure change is for the better

Leaning the bean counters

The lean drive can progress well and yet appear to deliver nothing to the bottom line. That doesn’t mean it’s a failure. Malcolm Wheatley explains why traditional accounting fails to reveal lean gains, and demonstrates what lean accounting can show

Green or die

As fuel prices force the world’s airlines to put planes into cold storage, John Dwyer examines the new urgency behind the development of clean flying machines

The China syndrome

China has evolved at breakneck speed from a source of low-cost components and products to one of the world’s fastest-growing and most important markets. Ruari McCallion tracks the changing landscape of opportunities and challenges