Green or die

As fuel prices force the world’s airlines to put planes into cold storage, John Dwyer examines the new urgency behind the development of clean flying machines

The China syndrome

China has evolved at breakneck speed from a source of low-cost components and products to one of the world’s fastest-growing and most important markets. Ruari McCallion tracks the changing landscape of opportunities and challenges

Green logistics

Efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain are not just cosmetic. Debbie Giggle finds that rethinking packaging, consolidating logistics and reviewing the logic behind long distance shipping are delivering significant cost benefits

A fishy tail

With supermarkets and consumers becoming increasingly demanding, Brian Davis examines how close the two way dialogue between the retailer, the manufacturer and the supply chain really is, and the role IT is playing in facilitating this

Mirror mirror on the wall

Manufacturers are being told to change their image from all quarters. But just what do they get out of it? Annie Gregory discovers that passionate commitment can still be married to effective bottom line benefits

Lean leadership

Dan Jones draws on his experiences introducing lean into the manufacturing, retail and health sectors, and provides his view of what true lean leadership means

Bunkering down

New global fuel and emission regulations are putting ship owners under pressure, says Colin Chinery, with clear implications for British manufacturing