Bring it on!

Passionate sports enthusiast and family man, Vitec Broadcast Systems CEO Joop Janssen tells Gay Sutton how he pulled off the coup of bringing manufacturing back to the UK and made it hugely profitable, and why he has a soft spot for the Olympics

Total recall

Disasters happen. Two years ago, for example, Dell was one of several laptop makers faced with a serious product recall caused by the supply of faulty batteries. Ruari McCallion finds out how some of the best companies put procedures in place so that, should the worst happen, a product recall can be managed effectively and efficiently

Making payroll pay

Many companies like to stick with the payroll system they know rather than experiment with new flavours. But they may be missing out on useful functionality that integrates with human resources and ERP systems, says Brian Davis

A focus on development

Although lean manufacturing has become universal, few companies recognise that it also applies to the very front end of the process. Steve Boam looks at how to apply lean to new product development

Lean by design

Lean is described as a journey and not a destination, yet the route often bypasses the new product development process. Debbie Giggle finds that its use in design and innovation is often a sign of lean maturity

Growing good leaders

For too many companies, says Colin Chinery, front-line leadership is deficient and its development disregarded or under-resourced. But for those collaborating with external training programmes, the results can be impressive