Making it indestructible

Making paint indestructible

Birmingham's rich industrial heritage in the automotive and metals industries has been fed by an impressive array of smaller manufacturers in and around Britain’s second city. Indestructible Paint Ltd, a supplier of coatings for the aerospace and defence industries is one of those, as James Pozzi discovers.

A false economy

Quality and quantity of graduates lacking, warns EEF

In the midst of debate over the ethics and legality of zero-hours contracting Neil Pickering, marketing manager at Kronos, argues that the employment model could damage long term productivity in businesses if it continues to proliferate.

HOT TOPIC: Growing UK exports

Posted on 18 Sep 2013 by Tim Brown

June brought news that the UK was finally beginning to tackle its long-standing trade deficit. But July's balance of trade figures failed to deliver a second consecutive month of rosy data with UKTI calling for more manufacturers to rise to the export challenge.

How to make innovation work for your company

Innovation has become a buzz word in industry marketing and strategic rhetoric. But how do companies ensure that investments in time and resource for innovation give returns? Andy Dean, reach® Director at Pera Technology, discusses explains the management and practice approaches required.

Face up to First Aid Requirements

The Health and Safety Executive announced on Monday that from October 1 2013 it will cease regulating workplace first aid training providers. What does this mean for the manufacturing industry? John Cavanagh, regional commercial training director at first aid charity St John Ambulance explains.

The Riddle of Reference Pricing

While retailers carry most of the risk in pricing decisions, manufacturers being asked to support special offers need to be aware of the legality of their customers’ actions. After a spat of reference pricing scandals, Dominic Watkins, senior associate at business law firm DWF, explains the regulatory landscape for pricing.

Train to gain: A health & safety perspective

Manufacturing is proving a moneyspinner for the Health and Safety Executive’s Fee for Intervention scheme. A more proactive approach to health & safety training and compliance in the sector would allow employers to avoid FFI fees while improving productivity and, most importantly, saving lives argues Clive James, Training Officer at St John Ambulance.

SUMMER SECTOR FOCUS: Alcoholic Beverages

Whatever your views on the morality or health implications, there’s no denying that alcohol equals big business the world over. This summer, TM’s editorial team took on the heavy burden of investigating the challenges and opportunities for alcoholic beverage manufacturers in the UK – someone had to do it.