Total performance

With the prospect of implementing its first independent ERP system ahead, Tarmac Building Products found it had neither the capability nor desire to host and manage the application. Like an increasing number of manufacturers, it chose to outsource.

Quantum leap

The realisation of R&D tax credit benefits has put a £21,500 boost behind further innovation at Birmingham based Quantum Precision Engineering.

Seduced by Swindon

It’s the secret manufacturing and technology hub of the South West. As Swindon ramps up its hydrogen transport cluster, Forward Swindon explains why ambitious manufacturing firms across sectors should consider establishing a footprint in the town.

Brewing up a storm

Food startup looks to automate growth
Posted on 23 Aug 2013 by

The London Craft Beer Festival brings together London’s niche craft brewing scene where those in attendance are guaranteed to have a love of quality beer. Last weekend’s festival, running from Friday to Sunday, saw Marc Sobbohi and James Pozzi travel down to the Oval Space in Bethnal Green.

Virtual reality

What’s the attraction of using simulation techniques to model production lines or plan factories and warehouses? Malcolm Wheatley investigates as manufacturers turn to the technology with increasing frequency.

Industry 4.0

Brian Holliday, divisional director at Siemens Industry, explains the technology trends shaping a new paradigm for high-value, flexible production.

Welcome to the Renaissance

Posted on 16 Aug 2013 by

The world of brewing is in something of a renaissance period. ‘Craft brewing’ is an apt description as the rise of skilled beer-makers continues. Marc Sobbohi visits Kernel Brewery in Bermondsey where the ethos strongly favours quality, not quantity.