Airbus UK: Demand and supply

Posted on 5 Dec 2012 by

Airbus has set up special intervention programmes with its suppliers to ensure that the demands of production ramp-up do not translate as late deliveries. Airbus COO Günter Butschek explains the process to Will Stirling.

Manufacturing in the South: Recipes for success

The autoclave at Beagle Aerospace

There is now widespread consensus that a thriving manufacturing industry is vital to the recovery of the UK economy. Daryl Gayler, regional managing director at RBS South Region, outlines how manufacturers in the South of England do their part to boost growth and morale in the sector by delivering best practice in a challenging business climate.

Supply chains: Vendor led supply

Apex Supply Chain Technologies is hoping to transform UK factory floors.
Posted on 8 Nov 2012 by Tim Brown

Hayley Group has 36 years experience providing a fast and efficient supply of what it terms ‘engineering essentials’ to its customers. But, as Tim Brown found out, its latest partnership with Apex Supply Chain Technologies is bringing that heritage into a new, leaner era.

The hidden value of waste

Removing the use of landfill sites completely is the holy grail of many manufacturing companies
Posted on 8 Nov 2012 by

Are waste-to-energy solutions too good to be true as a means to combat rising fuel and waste disposal costs? Peter Russell, head of manufacturing & industrials at RBS, considers refuse under a new light, analysing the benefits current waste-to-energy solutions are offering companies and how these will mature in coming years.