Employee of the month: Josh Brough of Siemens

A government select committee review of apprenticeships was published in November which called urgently for an elevation of the status of apprenticeships to become par with university education. Siemens, along with many other manufacturing companies, has long held this belief and here Josh Brough, now a production engineer at Siemens Industry explains why being accepted on its apprenticeship programme enhanced his career expectations.

Workforce and skills: It’s good to share

Imagine a company divided from its sector hub, manufacturing a product in an area with few peers, in an industry largely perceived to be in national decline – yet determined to forge a future for itself through reviving investment in technology and skills.

Airbus UK: Demand and supply

Posted on 5 Dec 2012 by

Airbus has set up special intervention programmes with its suppliers to ensure that the demands of production ramp-up do not translate as late deliveries. Airbus COO Günter Butschek explains the process to Will Stirling.