Intelligent action

Business intelligence is increasingly being used right across the manufacturing enterprise — and thanks to user-friendly advances such as dashboards, these days even smaller manufacturers can benefit, says Malcolm Wheatley.

When things go south

A business continuity plan can keep a company in business through times of crisis, but very few organisations have one ready to deploy when a disaster hits. Roberto Priolo investigates.

Regional focus – South West

The South West of England is famous as a popular holiday destination and some may see its main economy based on tourism and farming, rather than busy factories and manufacturing. But Jane Gray discovers that the South West supports a large and vibrant industry characterised by the aerospace sector, advanced manufacturing and food and drink, while renewable energy has potential but needs much more work.

A closer look

As part of our closer look at the EPSRC centres, TM looks at the three Centres for Innovative Manufacturing led by three universities - Cranfield, Loughborough and Strathclyde.