Dynamic solution to optimise the fruits of labour

Laurence Olins, chairman of Poupart Ltd, a leading international supplier of fruit and vegetables to supermarkets and the non-retail sector, tells Will Stirling why the right ERP system has been critical to its fast moving, low margin business model where information control is everything.

There’s a Buzz about Autodesk

With 3D design software playing an increasingly critical role in 21st century manufacturing, Edward Machin meets Autodesk’s “Buzz” Kross to discuss digital prototyping, paradigm shifts and the onset of a menuless product environment

CRC is no joke

April 1, 2010 will undoubtedly mark the beginning of metric time keeping, the retirement of Wayne Rooney and the collapse of the London Bridge. Just joking.

How lean is your organisation?

Lean does not always work. The reasons are manifold, but the common denominator is often in the identification of the root business problems the company is trying to solve. Prof Daniel Jones and David Brunt of the Lean Enterprise Academy often ask, therefore, “What is your problem?”

Culture vultures

Is management communication of a corporate culture and values to its workforce little more than a mantra? The evidence, says Colin Chinery, is both compelling and damning.

The Apple iPad in manufacturing

On Wednesday 27th January 2010 Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, unveiled their latest creation – the iPad Tablet. Billed primarily as a consumer device, Jobs positioned the tablet somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop and priced it from an attractive US$499. But is there room for it in business, and specifically within manufacturing? Martin Bailey reports...