Prototyping – the means to an end

The process of prototype development has changed dramatically from the days requiring cumbersome scale wooden or clay models. But with a variety of different technologies now available, including full digital as well as rapid 3D prototyping, which one is best and is the physical prototype a thing of the past? Malcolm Wheatley investigates.

Sir Andrew Cahn – Paris air show comment

Sir Andrew Cahn, chief executive of UK Trade & Investment, gives his views on the UK aerospace sector in the build up to the Paris Air Show 2009 at Le Bourget. He identifies Japan as an exciting trade partner for UK aerospace and points to British expertise in reducing the environmental impact of flying.

Small could be beautiful in UK wind energy

The UK small wind system manufacturing industry is robust but at risk. As other countries’ governments wake up to the potential benefits of a domestic small wind industry, the UK industry cannot afford to be complacent and government must engage with it to capitalise on a sound base as the global market expands. Dennis Frize reports.

Gaining an insite into Iceland

Ian Ritchie, managing director of Brammer, a leading UK supplier of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, looks at how a unique international partnership in spares sourcing and stores management is delivering big benefits to the world’s leading aluminium producer.

The benefits of asset tracking

As manufacturers continue to move towards developing global supply chains, they increasingly need to be able to efficiently track all their resources. Effective asset tracking does not merely improve supply chain management, nor is it simply about avoiding inconvenience it also increases productivity, profitability and ultimately a manufacturer’s competitiveness. TM Talks RFID with Zebra Technologies.