Lean manufacturing continues to support new strategies for growth

In recent years UK manufacturers have found a renewed vigour. New strategies have ranged from the development of innovative products and services and the move into high value niche markets to increasing exports to new and fast growing emerging economies. Importantly, companies have reinforced these growth strategies with an increased focus on improving productivity and efficiency.

Agents of choice

In times of economic turbulence, it is more vital than ever for manufacturers to ensure that money spent on recruitment is money spent wisely. Becky Done outlines the options

Survival of the fittest

Today’s, tomorrow’s and next week’s sector is heavily reliant upon a combined effort that fosters the right market for R&D funding, entrepreneurialism, collaboration with the universities and, above all, innovation, says Roy Pulley of MAS WM

Here Today…

Over the past decade, the ERP market has experienced considerable change. Technology has developed and manufacturers’ knowledge and experience of buying, implementing and using computer systems has grown. At the same time, there has been a consolidation of solution vendors and products. While this has helped sort the wheat from the chaff - only the strongest products and suppliers have survived - there are still pitfalls for the unwary buyer. John Stephens reports

Weathering the storm

The financial meltdown is throwing up a complex of cost movements, volatile exchange rates, share prices and interest rates. Colin Chinery asks UK global players how they are managing

The Toyota Tonero – A TPS Story

The Toyota production system teaches that delivering greater value to the customer is of prime importance in the development of any product. Dave Moore from Toyota Material Handling examines how this affected the development of the new Toyota Tonero

The ‘Ultimate Change Programme’

Merger and acquisition – M&A - is the ‘ultimate change programme’. It is often high profile, always disruptive, and carries a large degree of risk. You need to manage the risk, and to do that, you have to approach the whole process in a practical and people-centred way explains David Axon, head of private equity and M&A at Celerant Consulting.