Spotlight on Six Sigma

The tools and techniques of Six Sigma are recognised to have a big impact on productivity given sufficient investment in senior people, time, cost and culture change. Brian Davis finds out the relevance of this long-standing business strategy on modern manufacturing.

What are you packing?

For years manufacturers have been fretting over the size of their packages. Simply taking weight out does not necessarily constitute a lower environmental impact, though. Mark Young seeks out alternatives.

Regional focus – South West

The South West of England is not renowned for being an industrial heartland. But by contributing 13% to the region’s economy, the manufacturing sector punches above its weight in the West Country. Will Stirling reports.

Legal supplement

Introducing TM’s legal supplement, finding a legislative framework that increasingly governs the minutiae of UK manufacturers’ operations. Given that legislative compliance governs virtually every aspect of a company’s operations, all manufacturers would do well to retain a working knowledge of legal precedent. Read on to find out more…

Dyson’s double vision

In the midst of difficult economic times, entrepreneurial engineering company Dyson is swimming against the tide once again. The appliances manufacturer is seeking to double its engineering team in the UK boosting numbers from 350 to 700.