Can nuclear help the UK deliver ‘net zero’?

An artist's impressions of a SMR - image courtesy of Rolls-Royce.
Posted on 8 Jul 2019 by Maddy White
Nuclear power is a divisive topic, some leaders want to scrap nuclear projects and focus on renewables, and others want to forge on with building large power plants while also developing smaller reactors. But, will either option help Britain hit ‘net zero’ by 2050?

July 2019: What we learned about UK manufacturing last month

wind turbine accolade wines
Posted on 1 Jul 2019 by Maddy White
Last month was a busy time for The Manufacturer. We visited a true soft drinks powerhouse, a pioneering 3D printing aerospace business and a world-leading digital factory. We helped shatter the myths surrounding women in industry and spoke to innovators, tech leaders, and sustainability champions. Here's everything we learned about manufacturing in June.