Dispositivo antirrobo de gasolina

Posted on 1 Apr 2016 by Jhon Correa
Zenzzer es el dispositivo que le permite saber al automovilista la cantidad de gasolina que tiene el tanque de su auto. Además éste le permite compartir la información con las personas que desee.

Are you speaking the right export language?

UK Exports Export Barrier Free Trade Exporting Supply Chain Stock Image

Did you know… 74% of multinational enterprises believe it is either important or most important to achieve increased revenues from global operations and that 64% of executives say language barriers are making it difficult to gain competitive foothold in international markets.

With this …

Solar power cheaper than coal in Chile

The Abendgoa Solar company's Atacama-1 solar site is located in the Atacama Desert, Chile, which has the highest solar radiation in the world - image courtesy of Abendgoa Solar.
Posted on 24 Feb 2016 by Aiden Burgess
Chile’s solar industry continues to go from strength to strength as the country’s green energy boom has helped to keep down not only greenhouse gas emissions, but high electricity costs that have plagued Latin American countries.