July 2019: What we learned about UK manufacturing last month

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Posted on 1 Jul 2019 by Maddy White
Last month was a busy time for The Manufacturer. We visited a true soft drinks powerhouse, a pioneering 3D printing aerospace business and a world-leading digital factory. We helped shatter the myths surrounding women in industry and spoke to innovators, tech leaders, and sustainability champions. Here's everything we learned about manufacturing in June.

Relax, robots won’t take your job. Until they do

No matter how you cut the automation cake, the rise of the robots appears unstoppable. On the one hand, automation will not only complement the work of humans, but will also allow us to lead happier lives, cites a new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit. On the other, robots will replace up to 20 million jobs globally by 2030 (almost 9% of the global manufacturing workforce), according to a new study by Oxford Economics.