HS2: On track and leading the innovation generation

The new employer-led college is the largest of five new national colleges created by Government to ensure British workers can learn world-class skills.
The first phase of High Speed Two – the UK’s newest and biggest rail infrastructure project – is now well underway. Allan Cook, the Non-Executive Chair of HS2, discusses this attempt to future proof Britain’s rail network with cutting-edge technologies and endless innovation, and provide a transport system that will last 100 years.

The road ahead may be daunting, but the UK has world-class expertise in battery science

electromobility electric car vehicle ev charge charging recharging battery transport mobility - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
From vehicles and consumer electronics, to healthcare devices and energy generation, every aspect of our lives has become increasingly dependent on batteries. As such, the commercial opportunities around innovative new energy storage technologies has become a strategic focus – not to mention a significant new revenue driver – for individual businesses, research institutions and entire nations.