HARTING innovations at Smart Factory Expo

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The importance of Industry 4.0 is encapsulated by the many benefits it brings to businesses. Predictive maintenance, energy monitoring, flexible production and real-time information from the shop floor are helping manufacturers revolutionise their facilities, making them more adaptable and potentially opening up new markets and ventures.

Taking archaic technology out of manufacturing

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The year is 2019. According to Blade Runner, manufacturers should be making flying cars and space-mining equipment with help from an android workforce. As we all know, the reality is a little different — and nowhere is this more true than in the back office of manufacturing companies. Patrick Foot reports.

The Food and Drink Sector: ready for its own digital revolution?

The food and farming industry calls for govt on post-Brexit regulations to recruit enough staff from the EU after Brexit - image courtesy of Depositphotos.
The food and drink sector is not, on the face of it, an obvious candidate for the attentions of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult network, thanks to its traditional reliance on manual labour and the large number of SMEs involved. But Ken Young, Technology Director at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), believes the sector is ripe for a digital revolution.