Are you digitally distraught or digitally determined?

The drive to Digital Transformation is creating a ‘Digital Divide’. Which side are you on?

Recent research with industry leaders showed 46% were what they called ‘digitally determined’, with a clear digital strategy around culture, change, financial goals and integrated technology.

The other 54% are ‘digitally distraught’. They have a standstill culture, siloed islands of innovation and they work on a disconnected project-by-project basis.

This is the ‘digital divide’: those who are digitally determined show above average growth and profit while the digitally distraught are being left behind. It is becoming increasingly clear that organisations that focus their efforts on delivering a modern customer experience are capturing more profitable revenue.

These successful organisations put their sales and customer experience at the heart of their digitalisation. Live sales conversations have become infrequent because customers have increasing amounts of data and intelligence on pricing – and on your competition – at their fingertips. Customer engagement can’t happen fast enough. When prospects do reach out, they expect their purchase information to travel effortlessly and consistently online and off.

Join our editorial director, Nick Peters, along with Steven Barr, Managing Director of the Edge Digital consultancy and Richard Blatcher, Director of Industry Marketing & Business Intelligence at PROS to discuss how companies can understand their readiness to transform their customer experience and start their journey to revenue growth.

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