Industrial Data Summit

Date: 26 April
Location: Villa Park, Birmingham

The future of manufacturing is digital, but how should manufacturers harness the power of Big Data in their operations?  Industrial Data Summit, brought to you by The Manufacturer on 26 April 2023, creates a structured approach to answer this and other key questions underpinning ‘Industry 4.0’  and help manufacturers capitalise on the data generated by their operations. The event is recognised as the virtual version of the UK’s largest gathering of manufacturing data professionals.

The highly interactive virtual learning experience will help manufacturers discover how to approach their challenges through a series of expert-led keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive discussion sessions with fellow data-minded executives in the UK.

Key discussion topics to be addressed include:

  1. Data Collection & Data Integration: What data should you collect and how?
  2. AI and Machine Learning: Applications and best practice
  3. Data Collaboration: Data collaboration, robust analytics, treating data an as asset
  4. Data Governance: Ensuring that data is usable, accessible, and protected
  5. Developing a Data Strategy: Gaining business buy in, top-down or bottom-up, driving a data driven culture
  6. Digital Twin: Using Digital Twins to virtually monitor and manage assets performance and manufacturing operations.
  7. IoT and Sensors: Buy vs build and the challenge of connectivity
  8. IT/OT Convergence: Data is a critical component as it allows for the integration of systems and the ability to make informed decisions that improve efficiency and safety
  9. Monetising your Data: Cost reduction, revenue growth, data sharing
  10. Predictive Analytics: Future outcomes for process optimization, supply chain and maintenance