Webinar: Boost Your Profits With Smart Marketing

Date: 22 September
Location: Online

Rocketing oil and gas prices, pressure on supply chains and increasingly expensive talent all mean manufacturers are battling to maintain profit margins. In this workshop, manufacturers will get a cheat sheet on how to boost profits with smart sales and marketing. There are four steps:

  • increase the number of leads you generate
  • improve the lead – opportunity conversion rate
  • improve the opportunity – sale conversion rate
  • enhance customer lifetime value.

But what does this look like in a real business and how can it be done? This workshop breaks the process down and provides you with a real financial model to turbo-charge your profits.

You’ll be taken on a journey using a real business model, real numbers and personas that you have at your own company so it’s completely relatable.

What will you learn?

In just 60 minutes, you’ll leave with a clear path on how you can improve your company’s own profits in four steps. The workshop includes information on:

• how to supercharge your lead generation

• how to escalate sales and marketing conversion rates

• what your marketing dashboard should include

• how technology can improve the customer lifetime value of your existing clients.

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