Webinar: Building supply chain resilience with nearshoring 

Date: 07 April
Location: Online

7 April 2021, 11:00 (UK Time)


Major recent disruptions have caused many challenges in the manufacturing sector, which in turn have driven organisations to review their supply chain practices. The need to address issues in the supply chain caused by various lockdowns, logistics challenges and cashflow concerns is more pressing than ever.

In this webinar we address the key questions:

  • Is nearshoring the key to building a more resilient supply chain?
  • How does supply chain agility and resilience drive competitive advantage and survival?
  • How can you implement nearshoring practices in your supplier management programme?

We will be discussing why you should consider nearshoring and what the benefits are for your organisation, including taking a close look at how you can move to nearshoring your supply chain. We will also cover the importance of having accurate data available to understand the changes in the risk picture to facilitate the proactive agility, both from a supplier sourcing and management perspective.

Register today to learn why nearshoring is the way forward, and for practical advice on how you can implement it for your organisation: https://info.themanufacturer.com/building-supply-chain-resilience-with-nearshoring